Kuala Lumpur

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur with only a week left before my flight to Australia I eventually decided on just staying here for my remaining time, taking some time out from all the travelling and seeing the city at a slower pace. It meant I won’t see any more of Malaysia, but well I can always come back.

Being a city, it is quite noisy, dirty and crowded, but there were a few places to get away from that. The Lake Gardens were particularly nice to walk, with very few people around and a few attractions such as an Orchid garden, bird park and small deer park. A short walk further also led to the National Monument, a really well kept area with a sculpture park and statues dedicated to those lost in the wars Malaysians have been involved in. Continue reading

George Town

My first stop in Malaysia was Georgetown, on the island of Penang, a city whose inner centre is recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site for it’s unique architectural and cultural townscape. This comes mostly from having such a wide range of influences; built by the English, inhabited by Malay, Chinese and Indian populations and all following an array of different religions. The satisfying thing is they all seem to mix together with no problems. Continue reading