So it’s been a while since I’ve updated, as I’ve mostly been taking things easy in Sydney, but it’s now time to get back to some blog writing. Being well looked after at my auntie and uncle’s place did allow me to get a bit lazy, but still I saw a lot over my time there. I originally attempted to find work and did spend some time applying for jobs and even interviewing for one; a company building an app for locating ‘gentleman’s services’… but that didn’t work out. After a while I settled on continuing my travels so took the time to plan ahead, more on that later. Continue reading


Seems like a while since my last update. I am now of course in Australia, having spent the last week or so in Melbourne. Heard a lot of good things about the city and it does indeed feel quite relaxed for it’s size but still with plenty going on. For me too my time now will be more relaxed, with no fixed plans and a lot of time ahead of me I no longer feel the need to fit lots into every day of the week. The first thing that was a shock upon arriving was I actually felt cold for the first time! Even had to get my hoody out of the bottom of my backpack as the weather here seems very changeable, going from as low as 16c from one day but up to the 30s just a day or two later. Coming from Thailand and Malaysia the other shock to the system is the cost of everything, as an example a pint in most places is around £6, not that anyone seems to drink pints…always halfs for some reason.
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