Byron Bay

Hippie capital of Australia, Byron Bay was a good few days of relaxing on my final days travelling this country. 

The town had that vibe about it, like the very fact that people think of it as a hippie town causes them to act moreso. With the massive beaches on the bay there was also a very prominent surf culture as well, and the clubs of the cities were replaced my smaller bars usually offering acoustic musical performances.

The hostel I stayed in only helped with the relaxing atmosphere, in part for me because of the numerous friendly cats roaming the grounds and common rooms. Endless beach walks, at both day and dusk, were how I spent most of my time. There was also a longer walk up to the lighthouse and out to the rocky point which happens to be the easternmost place in all Australia, which I found fitting as a final destination for this country.

No photos once again unfortunately but now I’ve at least written all my Australia updates. Onwards now to New Zealand and roaming around in my camper van!

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