I’ve decided I should keep each place I visit in a separate blog post, so here’s a shorter entry for my day trip to¬†Ayutthaya. This an old capital city of that was supposedly one of the biggest cities in the world around the year 1700 and an important trading point for many nations, until 1767 when some Burmese army came and destroyed it all pretty much. So now there are a lot of old ruins and remnants of temples to explore, and it is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Continue reading


Well, I’m here, alive and well. This blog is partly to keep people back home up to date with what I’ve been up to, but also so I can actually remember it all myself afterwards, so apologies if I ramble too much about pointless things.

My first day arriving here it definitely took some getting used to the heat and humidity. After maybe 5 minutes sleep on the flight over I wasn’t planning on doing much so just headed into Bangkok, a few stops before my hostel so that I could walk around a bit. In an attempt to cool off I wandered around Lumphini Park, which is actually quite peaceful considering it’s in the middle of the city, with several lizards also enjoying the quiet. Continue reading